Nikita Podszus – Care & Support Worker – Stoke-On-Trent

Friday, March 31, 2023

Meet Cream Team member Nikita Podszus, an experienced and dedicated Care and Support Worker, working with our Stoke-On-Trent branch.

Nikita has worked in the social care sector for over 10 years and has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience having worked in the community, in a mental health hospital and in residential care.

After the birth of her child, she needed more flexibility so decided to Google Social Care agencies in Stoke-On-Trent and she saw Cream and read our reviews and realised that Cream’s values matched her own values in Care.

Nikita joined us in September 2019 and hasn’t looked back; “I really enjoy working for Cream, it has opened so many doors for me and helped build on my experience in Care. I have worked in various different homes including learning disability homes and Children’s homes and my experiences have changed my outlook on care and the types of care provisions available”

“The hours work brilliantly for me. It’s been great being able to choose the hours; as a single mum needing a good work life, social life and family life balance, it has really helped. I had some personal issues a few years back and the response from the team back in the office was brilliant. I was able to take a few weeks to myself and there was no pressure for me to rush back and you were so accommodating when I needed to change my hours and the homes that I could travel to.”

“I enjoy the majority of services Cream work with and I’m happy to go to 99% of them. I love working in mental health and challenging behaviour services and also the Children’s service we support. I know Cream always try to place me at places that I enjoy and they are happy to take on board my feedback if there has ever been an issue.”

Nikita is a valued member of the Cream Team, we consistently receive excellent feedback from all of the homes that she works at and her passion for dignified care is clear to see. We are proud to have Nikita as part of the Cream Team and we are pleased to be able to give her a good work life, social life and family life balance that she needs.


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