Oumou Bah – Support Worker – Stoke-On-Trent

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

This month, Angela has been chatting to Oumou Bah who is a Support Worker, living and working in Stoke-On-Trent to find out why she decided to have a career in care, what she loves about her role with Cream and what it’s been like to work on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oumou has been working in the care sector since 2017 and joined the Cream Team in July last year. Although she’s only been working with us for under a year, Oumou quickly became an invaluable, reliable member of the Cream Team. The feedback from the homes that she works in has been excellent and clients will regularly request Oumou to work available shifts. Thank you Oumou for your dedication, passion and kindness.

Angela asked Oumou what working on the frontline during the pandemic has been like.

“Working on the frontline during the pandemic has been scary at some points, especially when I worked at a home where most clients had tested positive. I’ll be honest, I thought about not going to work but I remembered that the clients needed me so I went in. We followed all the guidelines on PPE and once I was on shift I forgot about my worries and supported the clients as I usually would.”

“I did test positive for COVID-19 which was caught through a weekly COVID test that Cream asked me to have. We completed 14 days in isolation and I was fortunate that I was asymptomatic, as were my children and husband.”

On the COVID-19 vaccine, Oumou explained, “I have had 1 dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and I have my second booked next week. It was a no brainer for me to have the COVID-19 vaccine as I believe prevention is better than a cure. I work with vulnerable people and I want to ensure I protect those people and the staff I work with.”

We know that Oumou is a naturally caring person so Angela was intrigued to find out what made Oumou chose a career in care.

“I have a daughter who is autistic which pushed me to start working within the care sector. Once I started I loved it and it made me feel so happy that I was able to help other people. Care is such a rewarding role and I am grateful I am able to work as a support worker.”

Finally, Angela asked Oumou what it was like to work for Cream Health Care.

“I love working for Cream Health Care, I’m glad I made the choice to join Cream. I always feel supported back at base and the hours suit me. I have a young family so I need the flexibility. Cream offer me lots of shifts, sometimes too many and I have to turn them down but they are totally understanding of that and never have a problem with me turning down shifts.”

“I wouldn’t say I have a favourite home as I have enjoyed working at every home I have supported. I am currently working at a home near Meir on a regular basis and both the staff and residents are lovely and make it enjoyable to go to work. Cream always send me to homes I enjoy and I know they think about the homes they are sending me too and make sure the fit is right for me and the home!”