Tassie Martin - Care Assistant - Walsall

Thursday, May 10, 2018

This month, Dave has been chatting with Tassie Martin, a Care Assistant working with our Walsall branch.

Tassie has worked in healthcare since 2014.  Her experience mainly covers Community and Extra Care Settings but she wanted to step into residential care.  She has worked with the elderly and people with Dementia and Physical Disabilities.  Tassie is a kind and caring lady and we are delighted to that Tassie is part of the Cream Team! Tassie is well respected at all the homes that she works at but especially Limewood as the regular staff always ask for her. She is an asset to Cream and we are so lucky to have her here at the Walsall Branch.

Dave wanted to know why Tassie chose to have a career in care and what she thinks about working for Cream Health Care.

What got you into care?

I lost both of my grandparents, and after seeing the great care they received I wanted to do the same and make a difference to people’s lives like the carers did for my grandparents.

What’s it like to work for Cream, do you feel supported by the branch?

I’ve been working for Cream Health Care for 14 months and I like the flexibility of working where I want and when I want. I also like the idea of working in different homes and that I can stay at one home for a whole month if I want to. I have recently had a personal problem and both Dave and Vicky were very understanding.

Do your hours suit you?

Yes I have other commitments in life and working for Cream helps me with the balance.

Do you have any specialities, passions or favourite care homes?

My favourite care home is Limewood, the atmosphere is amazing all the staff are really well trained and also very helpful. Always made to feel welcome when I work there.

Do you have a passion for care? Do you put dignity and respect at the heart of everything that you do? Do you have six months experience in care work?

If you do, then please get in touch. You can call our Walsall branch on 01922 641989 or apply for a care job through our website’s jobs page.

To have our care staff support your team, please email us today or call 01922 641989.