Public Health England’s new publication ‘Pharmacy and people with learning disabilities: making reasonable adjustments to services’.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Public Health England have recently published their guide ‘Pharmacy and people with learning disabilities: making reasonable adjustments to services’.

The guide is for staff working in either pharmacy teams, learning disability teams and for anyone who supports people with learning disabilities. It summarises what the latest research shows about the needs of this diverse group of people in relation to pharmacy services and what are the best approaches to use when working with them.

You can read the publication here.

Under the Equality Act 2010 organisations have to make changes in their approach or provision to ensure that services are accessible to disabled people as well as everybody else.

People with learning disabilities may need particular adjustments to help make health care services easier for them to experience. Public Health England updated all of their guides for “People with learning disabilities: making reasonable adjustments”

The guides are for health and social care professionals who deliver, provide or plan services that may be used by people with learning disabilities. They explain why reasonable adjustments must be made to services and what adjustments help people with learning disabilities access services.

You can read all of them here.

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