There are a growing number of calls for the Government to urgently reform social care.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

A growing number of respected and renowned Social Care Sector organisations and charities are calling on the Government to act urgently to reform Social Care. 

Last week the Care and Support Alliance along with CEO’s of 50 charities and not for profit organisations that support older people and disabled people, and their unpaid carers, and people with long term health conditions; wrote an open letter to Boris Johnson urging him to keep his promise “to fix social care”. In their letter they ask Boris Johnson to:

  1. Implement a cap on Social Care costs
  2. Invest significantly more money into councils’ social care budgets so everyone who needs care benefits
  3. Ensure care staff get a fair rate of pay and the professional respect they deserve for the important work they do

They believe that if this is done then this “will lay the foundations for the strong and effective care system our country badly needs”. You can read their letter here

This week the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), Care England, Social Care Institute for Excellence and Care Provider Alliance have written a joint letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Matt Hancock setting out three priority areas for action:

  1. Funding for short-term stabilisation
  2. Urgently bringing forward investment and reform proposals needed to ensure the sustainable long-term future of social care
  3. Investment in the short term to speed the shift towards a system of social care that is both sustainable and fit for the modern age. This includes:
  • A targeted fund enabling councils and their partners to make a rapid shift towards prevention
  • A new deal for the care workforce, including personal assistants and other non-traditional workforce roles.
  • Funding support for action on inequalities and levelling up.
  • An innovation fund to enable local authorities to harness the true potential of technology.
  • Transformation and improvement support to councils and providers and to ensure

By doing these actions, ADASS, Care England, Social Care Institute for Excellence and Care Provider Alliance is essential for creating the conditions in which social care can be a full and equal partner with the NHS and enable more people to remain independent, living in their own home or in their community. You can read their full letter here.

We agree with both of these letters and we hope that the Government does urgently reform Social Care to ensure the sectors long term stability.