Marie Campbell - Care Worker, Cannock

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

This month we have been talking to Marie Campbell, a care assistant who works with our Cannock branch.

Marie has been working with Cream Health Care for the last 9 months. We have had positive feedback from all the care and support services that Marie has been assigned to. Care homes have described Marie as a hardworking and dedicated member of staff, putting 100% effort into everything that she does. The Cream staff that work alongside Marie speak very highly of Marie, stating how supportive she is of them and the teams at the care homes that she is assigned to.

Here’s what Marie had to say about why she got into care and what it’s like to be a care worker for Cream Health Care.

“Many of my family members work in the care sector, and after hearing them speak highly of their vocation I decided that it was an area of work that I wanted to do. Since I’ve begun working in the care sector it’s something I really enjoy and I have never looked back. I enjoy caring for people and treating them with the dignity and respect that they deserve. I find it extremely interesting and rewarding.”

What’s it like to work for Cream Health Care?

“One word, “Brilliant!” It’s wonderful, if I have a problem both staff at the Cannock office and my colleges are very supportive. Cream is a very understanding and friendly company to work for, I can’t fault them. The hours suit me, I am able to take the hours I am able to work and have a very healthy work life balance as a result."

“I feel very much supported by the branch. Especially quite recently when I was seriously ill and had to take a number of weeks off work. Cream were very supportive and understanding, and when it was time for me to return to work, the branch didn’t bombard me with shifts and eased me back into work gently. Also when I joined Cream I had difficulty getting on my computer to access the training, again the staff at the Cannock office were very helpful in giving me directions of how to log on etc.”

Do you have any specialities, passions or favourite care homes?

“I absolutely love working at Limewood. Especially cluster 6 & 7. I have become very fond of the residents on Cluster 6 & 7. I take my home baking in and share it amongst the residents and the staff each time I attend a shift. I have even with permission of the staff at Limewood organised an afternoon tea party for the residents. I find working on that cluster very rewarding, as I also make a point of speaking and supporting those residents who don’t often get visitors. I ensure that when I am at work I treat everyone that I care for with dignity and respect. I ensure that everyone I support receives the best care and support that I am able to give. When I am able to and have the time to do so, I try to go that extra mile. For example, those residents that are not able to read, I will sit and read to them. I’m a great believer in making a difference to the lives of people in my care no matter how big or small.”

We are extremely pleased and proud that Marie Campbell is part of our team.


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