Salma Naz - Support Worker – Walsall Branch

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

This month we have been chatting to Salma Naz, a Support Worker working with our Walsall branch.

Salma has been working in the social care sector since 2015. She initially started working in homecare where she worked tea and bed calls around childcare for a year. Then moved into residential care and finally finding a love for support work when she joined the Cream Team in 2019. Salma is a very reliable, hardworking member of the Cream Team who always helps out if she can. Her passion for care is clear to see and delivers consistent, dignified care to all who she looks after.

We wanted to find out why Salma chose a career in care, what it has been like for her to work on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic and what she likes about his role with Cream Health Care

“I started working in care because I cared for my mum who was diabetic and I helped her with attending hospital appointments and managing her medication. When she sadly passed away, I know I could do more for other people.”

“I didn’t work through the first lockdown as I stayed at home with my children who were home schooling. I missed working a lot though so we when restrictions started to ease in June 2020, I came back to work. There were lots of changes like additional PPE and extra precautions which all made me feel safe at work. I have worked closely with COVID positive patients throughout the last year but felt confident in the protocols in place.”

“Working for Cream is Amazing, the best! I left for a short period of time as I was offered a perm job but came back because I missed the variety of work. It’s so easy working with Cream, I give my availability and the office work hard to get you what you need. Most of the time I am are offered more work than needed but there’s never any pressure to take the additional shifts.  I have learned so much over the years and love gaining new experiences and expanding my skills. There has not been a day since working for Cream where I have not wanted to get up to go to work.”

“The team in the office are really good, they are like family. There is no pressure from the office to pick up shifts if I am unavailable. I can be honest with them because the team are honest back and I am treated as an equal. There is great communications including text reminders which help me as I am a busy mum so can forget! I also love how I can check my rota online and view my epay slips -which are so helpful!”

Do you have a passion for care like Salma? Do you put dignity and respect at the heart of everything that you do?  If you do, then please get in touch. Call us on 01992 219026 or apply for a job through our jobs page on our website.