Shed Williams – Support Worker – South Staffordshire Branch

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sioned has worked with Cream Health Care since September 2016, after working in the sector for three years. Sioned, who likes to be known as Shed, has been a great assist to Cream Health Care as she has a variety of skills that enable her to be assigned to various care homes in and around Tamworth, Burton, Cannock and Burntwood. The majority of her experience has been working in the community. Shed has had also had experience of working in a variety of residential homes.

Shed got into care after becoming ill and needing care and support herself. As soon as Shed felt well enough to work, she knew she wanted to work in the care sector so she could make a valued difference to people’s lives whatever their needs.

We asked Shed what it’s like to work for Cream,  “Honestly, it’s really good! The care and support staff are lovely to work alongside, as are the staff in the care homes I work at. The office staff are also great to work with, and are very helpful. I feel supported by the branch, Dave and Vicky are really friendly and helpful. I also feel supported by other members of the Cream Team when they’re on call. The branch have a good knowledge of the care homes I like to go to, where I’m able to get to and the hours/shifts that suit me. The hours suit me, the work is regular. I’m able to pick and choose when I can work, which lets me have a work life balance.

When chatting to Shed about which care homes she likes to work in and what type of care work she enjoys, Shed told us, “I don’t have a particular home that’s my favourite, I like each home I go to for different reasons and by going to various homes gives me a nice variety of work and keeps things interesting. I like to care for and support adults with learning disabilities. I have a passion for working with this client group, as there’s more scope to get out into the community. I like to help people to live not to exist.”

Thank you Shed for the continued support, care and dedication that you put into your work.:)


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